10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Dominican Republic
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10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Dominican Republic

The best thing to do about traveling to unknown places is to be well informed about everything in a general perspective. You are entering a country that you may not be familiar with the language, transit rules and their customes.

What kind of visa do you need? Do you need travel insurance? Which car services are reliable?


1. Airport Visitor Fee

When entering the country, visitors are obliged to pay a fee before passing through immigration.  You may be able to purchase prior to your arrival at your nearest consulate, embassy or tour operators. An additional charge of US$10 may be added when buying the card abroad. Make sure to add that to your budget, if you plan to stay for more than 15 days your tourist card may be more expensive.

2. Airports in Dominican Republic

If you plan to stay in a city or town with no airport, rest assure that we can take you anywhere and with no wait guaranteed. Dominican Republic has 5 airports but only three of them has international flights: Punta Cana Airport, Aeropuerto del Cibao, and Aeropuerto Las Americas located in the capital, Santo Domingo.

3. Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

It’s not recommended to drink water from the sink. Tap water should be avoided unless it has been boiled and used for teas or coffees. You are able to brush your teeth but to never swallow it. Bottled waters are available in almost every corner.

4. Is Dominican Republic Pet Friendly?

I would not recommend traveling with pets since most restaurants and closed spaces are not pet friendly in the Dominican Republic. I would advise for you to check if you’re staying in a hotel or villa if they’re pet friendly. In order for you to bring your pet you will need a rabbies and distemper certificate from your veterinarian and further discuss this with your airline.

5. What’s the Alcohol and Gambling age?

The drinking and gambling age is 18 years old. Upon entrance to any casino, club or bar, security might ask for your ID (passports are good too).

6. The Best Season for traveling

Traveling season peaks to and from the Dominican Republic between July and August and the months of December through March. Be aware that holidays are different in the DR so as to avoid the peaks of domestic travel and also of visitors at resorts.

7. What Currency should I bring?

US dollars is the most exchangeable currency in the country while Euro comes in second. You are able to exchange your currency at the airport and other places such as the resort or villa you’re staying if its available to you. I would also advise for you to bring a mix of bills, credit cards or checks (the latter being the most difficult to come across).

8. Are the beaches safe?

Most of the beaches are children-friendly, others have big waves, strong undertow and rocks. This is one of the few rules that will apply the same as in anywhere else in the whole world. Don’t leave valuable objects unattended. Most public beaches have their security guards but it’s best if you keep an eye and avoid problems.

9. Is it safe to walk?

Sure there is danger in Dominican Republic as in any other place in the world. The most common crime is pick pocketing as in other places in the world. Be sure to keep your belongings safe. It is also safe to walk in crowded areas but the best option for you is to call a car service.

10. Rainy Season

Hurricane season strikes from June all the way until November so make sure to plan ahead. Bring your umbrellas or raincoats.

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